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We are glad to inform our devotees that as was done last year, Sri Sri Kali Puja will be observed with image worship on Monday, the 24th of October, 2022. The Puja will start around 8.00 p.m. and will go on throughout the night. It will be accompanied by singing of Kali Kirtan bhajans. Devotees wishing to attend the Puja are requested to enter the premises before 10.00 p.m. after which the main gate will be closed to prevent entry by outsiders. However, those inside the premises can go out at any time. There will be prasad distribution at the end of the Puja early in the morning on the 25th. Devotees are requested to attend the Puja and also partake of the prasad.

The above programme will be webcast live on the Ashrama YouTube channel so that the devotees who are unable to come to the Ashrama can participate from home. The LIVE webcast of the Kali Puja can be watched through the following link on 24th October, 2022.

Devotees wishing to contribute may do so through the “Online Donations” section of our website (

Yours in service,
Swami Shantatmananda