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Shivaratri Puja-March-2022

Live Streaming Video: Dear Devotees, Sub: Shivaratri Puja Shivaratri will be celebrated on Tuesday, the 1st March, 2022 with whole night puja starting at 8:00 pm. Devotees present can offer milk, water etc to Lord Shiva at the end of… Continue Reading →

Youth Convention-March-2022

Youth Convention, 2022 Theme: Rebuilding India as envisioned by Swami Vivekananda Live Streaming Video: Age group : 18 -30 YearsDate: 26 March, 2022Time: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PMVenue: Vivekananda Auditorium, Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi Keynote speaker: Swami Sarvapriyananda, Minister-in-Charge, Vedanta Society… Continue Reading →

Bhakta Sammelan-May-2022

Video Recording of the celebration: “Sri Ramakrishna and Sadhana” || Swami Atmashraddhananda || May 2022 2) “Sri Ramakrishna and Sadhana” || Swami Raghavendrananda || Bhakta Sammelan 2022 3) “Sri Ramakrishna and Sadhana” || Swami Shantatmananda || Bhakta Sammelan 2022 4)… Continue Reading →

Live Streaming – Tithi Puja of Swami Vivekananda- 25th Jan- 2022

Live streaming Video Link on YouTube (7:30 am onwards): Dear Devotees, Sub: Tithi Puja of Swami Vivekananda Swami Vivekananda’s Birthday Tithi will be celebrated on Tuesday, the 25th January, 2022 as per the programme schedule furnished below: – Mangalarati 5.00… Continue Reading →

Youth Convention – 29th January 2022

Youth Convention – 29th January 2022 Video recording of the Youth Convention: Details:-1) Date: 29th January, 20222) Time: 10 am to 1 pm3) Age Group : 18-30 years Highlights of the convention:Opening address by Swami Shantatmananda, Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission, New… Continue Reading →

Live Streaming – Kalpataru Day Celebrations- Jan- 2022

Live streaming Video Link on YouTube (7:30 am onwards): *** Dear Devotees, Sub : Kalpataru Day-2022 Further to our mail dated December 16, 2021 we regret to inform you that in pursuance of the directives issued by the Govt. of… Continue Reading →

Tithi Puja of Sri Ma Sarada Devi-Dec-2021

Live Streaming Video: As informed by us in our Circular mail dated December 16, 2021, we shall be holding Prayer and Special Worship etc. on Sunday 26th December which is Holy Mother’s Janmatithi Puja day (7:15 am to 12 noon)… Continue Reading →

Live streaming-Sri Sri Kali Puja-November-2021

Live streaming video from 8:30 pm: SRI SRI KALI PUJA We are glad to inform our devotees that as was done last year, Sri Sri Kali Puja will be observed with image worship on Thursday, the 4th of November, 2021…. Continue Reading →

Lakshmi Puja -Oct-2021

Live streaming Video (6:15 PM Onwards): Dear Devotees, Sub: Lakshmi Puja A special puja will be performed on the occasion of Lakshmi Puja on Wednesday, the 20th of October, 2021 from 7:30 p.m. The Puja will be over before 10:00… Continue Reading →

Live Streaming- Sri Sri Durga Puja Celebrations-Oct-2021

Live… Mahashtami Puja || 13-10-2021 || Durga Saptashati || Chanting || 7-30 AM onwards Durga Saptashati || Chanting || 12-10-2021 || Swami Shantatmananda Durga Saptashati || Chanting || 14-10-2021 || Swami Shantatmananda Dear Devotees, Sub: Durga Puja and Lakshmi Puja… Continue Reading →

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